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Children of Colombia's 2020 Christmas Appeal to Raise funds for specialist hospital beds for sick children at the Luz y Vida children's home in Bogota, Colombia has nearly reached its target

Happy Christmas – Feliz Navidad

A very Happy Christmas to all our friends and supporters who have given so generously to Children of Colombia’s Christmas Bed Appeal.  We are raising money for special hospital-style beds to improve the care and comfort of very sick children and young adults at the Luz y Vida home in Bogotá, Colombia – and are just £349 short of our target!  We hope to reach our goal by the end of the campaign on 31 December – a wonderful gift to start off the New Year.

Luz y Vida is building a new unit for residents who need special medical care and needs 40 specialist beds for the project.

But because of the additional risks of Covid-19 to these very vulnerable youngsters, they need the beds right now to provide the extra care and safety they require. 

If you can help, please donate now and give a very precious Christmas gift in this most difficult year.

And a very Happy Christmas to all the carers, administrators, staff and educators at all three Colombian charities who have been working even harder than ever to provide care, love and support to very vulnerable youngsters in the face of the additional worry, pressures and challenges of Covid-19.  We are in awe of your courage and commitment.  Thank you.


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Donate now to help Children of colombia's Christmas Bed Appeal reach its target to buy beds for sick children at the Luz y Vida home in Bogota, Colombia

Christmas Bed Appeal – Nearly There!

We need just £469 to hit our target by 31 Dec!  A huge thank you to everyone who has already supported our Christmas Bed Appeal on Just Giving.  You have raised over £1700 to buy special hospital beds for very sick children and young people at the Luz y Vida children’s home in Bogotá, Colombia.

Please consider making a donation – your personal Christmas gift to these less vulnerable and needy children.  Even £5 can make a difference so please give what you can.

The inspirational Luz y Vida home cares for 230 residents with conditions including with chronic or serious mental and physical health conditions including cerebral palsy, crystal skin (Epidermolysis Bullosa), hearing loss, blindness, mental and developmental delay, chronic and acute malnutrition, gastrostomy (gastric tube feeding), quadriplegia and cancer.   Each child and young person is given professional medical care and lots of love and encouragement to achieve their own full potential.

The beds they need are electrically operated and adjustable to five different positions to raise the patient’s back or legs or the mattress height and make it easier for carers to attend to the child’s needs.  They have IV (Intravenous Therapy) stands and custom-built mattresses to help prevent bedsores and improve patient comfort.

Please click below to read more and donate now:



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