Children of Colombia has set up a new campaign on Just Giving to help indigenous families in the Colombian Amazon who have been very hard hit by Covid-19. With no properly equiped hospitals or medical facilities and no government aid so far the community is suffering from the combined impact of Covid-19 and recent poor harvests which have had devastating results on the local health and economy. The elderly and children are always most vulnerable and Fenix and Natutama have been working together to provide medical and food supplies - sourced by Fenix students in Bogota and distributed by Natutama educators and volunteers in Puerto Narino in the Amazonas district where they are based.

Click this Just Giving link to go straight to the campaign page - donations will automatically be ear-marked for Fenix and Natutama. Thank you!

In south-east Colombia, the busy township of Puerto Nariño on the banks of the River Amazon can only be reached by water - but the Covid-19 infection has already arrived!

The lock-down means tourism, a major source of employment, has completely dried up leaving many families without income or food. At this time of year food stores from last year's harvest are exhausted and now hunger is a serious additional threat.

Kilyam Gomez, a Fénix graduate nurse born in Puerto Nariño, is responsible for the active search for cases of Covid-19 in the department of Amazonas. 26 new cases were found in just one day in May. There are 7,000 inhabitants nearly all Ticuna, Cocama and Yagua Indians, in Puerto Nariño and surrounding villages with large numbers of vulnerable people including the very old and children suffering from malnutrition, while the local hospital lacks basic equipment such as oxygen regulators and even face-masks and other protective equipment for the staff.

With no government aid arriving Nurse Kiliyam is appealing for urgent help. Fundaciones Natutama and Fénix are meeting some of the most desperate needs: Fénix has sent oxygen regulators, N95 masks, disposable gloves, and face shields for the health care staff; Natutama is funding food supplies for families without resources.

To make a contribution to help feed families and ship further health care supplies to these vulnerable communities just push the Just Giving/Donate button at the top of the page. We can reclaim UK tax increasing the value of donations by 25% if you Gift Aid your donation. Please earmark your donation for either Natutama or Fénix.

Trustee Kate Seal collected the full Children of Colombia collecting box recently from Colombia Coffee Roasters in Oxford's Covered Market. It was heavy - customers and staff had collected an amazing £40.57. This lovely amount will go straight towards helping our three foundations in Colombia:

Luz y Vida's homes for sick and abandoned children in S Bogota, Fenix which provides education and care for disadvantaged girls and Natutama's environmental education and conservation programme for local children on the Amazon River.

People’s loose change can make a big difference!

Congratulations to Colombia Coffee Roasters for opening their new coffee shop in Summertown.

"Colombia Coffee Roasters are speciality, single-origin coffee roasters born and based in Oxford (UK). We are part of a generation of coffee growers in Colombia with a strong focus on delivering high-quality coffee and education, whilst supporting Fair Trade conditions to ensure our coffee is sustainable and ethical."

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