Children of Colombia is raising funds to buy specialist electric hospital beds to give better care and comfort to very sick children at the Luz y Vida residential home, Bogota, Colombia

Children of Colombia Christmas Bed Appeal

Please help our new Christmas Bed Appeal raise £725 to buy a SPECIALIST HOSPITAL GRADE BED to improve the care and comfort of a young person with serious medical problems.

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The Bed Appeal – Children of Colombia’s Christmas Campaign – starts today 20 November and will run over Christmas until 31 December 2020.

All money raised will go to purchase an adjustable, electrically operated hospital-grade bed for the new Special Care unit at the Luz y Vida residential home in Bogotá, Colombia which cares for 230 children and young adults with serious mental and physical health problems.  Entertaining children with serious health conditions at Luz y Vida residential care home Bogota Colombia

Luz y Vida Director Hermana Valeriana Martín explains:

“Our new Special Unit is being developed to care for children with more serious disabilities and illnesses.  The health of these children can suffer significantly without specialist care.  The new unit will provide them with a more suitable space where they can benefit from equipment that is specially designed to make them more comfortable and make it easier to deliver the care they need.”

Hogares Luz y Vida is currently caring for children and young adults suffering from Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, crystal skin (Epidermolysis Bullosa), hearing loss, blindness, mental and developmental delay, chronic and acute malnutrition, gastrostomy (gastric tube feeding), quadriplegia and cancer.

The beds they need are electrically operated and adjustable to five different positions to raise the patient’s back or legs or the mattress height and make it easier for carers to attend to the child’s needs.  They have IV (Intravenous Therapy) stands and custom-built mattresses to help prevent bedsores and improve patient comfort.  They are on wheels with brakes so are very stable but can be easily moved when necessary.  They are sourced from Biosmedic, a reputable medical equipment supplier in Bogotá and you can read a full product description here.

Each bed costs just over £725.  We hope to raise enough to buy at least one bed in our Christmas Bed Appeal.  To find out more or to donate now please visit our Just Giving campaign page 

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