Royal Academy of Engineering staff held a plant sale to raise funds for Children of Colombia charity

Engineering Success for Wellbeing Plant Sale!

Thank you to all at the Royal Academy of Engineering who supported the Plant Sale to raise funds for Children of Colombia and especially Wellbeing Ambassador Katie Draper.
Katie writes:
“Well done for everyone who came along to the Wellbeing Plant Sale. Not only do we now have loads of little green friends around the office but we raised an incredible £84 (with more to come!) for Children of Colombia.”
A great effort and there will be more smiling faces in Colombia when our charities receive the next remittance of funds. Fundacion Natutama will be the first to support the green fingered team.  Natutama is dedicated to educating local communities in the Colombian Amazon about protecting the wonderful, delicate eco-sytems of their environment, home to unique flora and fauna such as the manatee and pink dolphin and the giant ceiba tree.
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