The Fenix Foundation gives disadvantag streetkids a chance of a brighter future through education and mentoring

English Scholarship for Fenix Student Angelica

Congratulations to Fénix sponsored student Angelica who has won a scholarship at the leading language teaching centre in Bogotá for intensive English classes. Angelica needs the English language qualification to progress in her present career in kindergarten teaching and to prepare for the difficult entrance exams for a highly competitive state university to study for a social work degree.
“I am happy, motivated and working hard”, she says.
Fénix supports Angelica with textbooks and bus fares to her daily classes.
The central purpose of Fénix is to help vulnerable girls overcome difficulties and become leaders and change-makers, educated in caring professions and able to contribute to the community.
English language skills are increasingly demanded for entry to higher education courses and improving their English is a major preoccupation for many students supported by the Fenix programme. On Saturdays volunteer English teachers Ezana and Annabel take regular classes and most Saturday mornings psychologist Deyanire works with girls who have distressing family situations, problems with child-rearing, difficulties and crises in their lives or for help in making career decisions.
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