Fenix students in Bogota, Colombia celebrate academic and personal achievements in spite of Covid 19, pandemic and civil unrest

Fenix Students Celebrate the End of a Tough Year in Bogota

Students on Fundación Fénix’s education and support programme achieved excellent academic results and personal triumphs in 2021 despite the challenges of a particularly tough year in Bogotá, Colombia. 

“Lockdowns, protests and riots, street violence, curfews, job losses, classes online, fear of disease, the proximity of death, increased cost of living and decreased income and opportunities, have all made the past year extremely daunting and stressful,” writes  Fénix director Timothy Ross in the 2021 Annual Report.

“But Fénix members have gained surprising strength and determination, with great achievements and advances, growth in insight and self-knowledge, and improved family relations.”

Fénix supports students from very poor, vulnerable backgrounds through education mainly in social and health care.  To qualify in these caring professions requires long, disciplined studying, smoothing out background family problems, and money to pay for fees, books, uniforms, materials, internet, fares, rent, and food.  Your kind donations to Children of Colombia help make these things possible.

To celebrate their achievements, Director Béatriz and María Eugenia treated a group of girls to an outing to see the new Disney film ‘Encanto’ – set in Colombia – and enjoy ice cream.

Read the full report and find out more about the work of Fundacion Social Fenix by clicking the highlighted text to go straight to their page on this website.

“Our thanks go to the people who believe in us and

our personal and professional commitment to becoming

better people and contributing to a better country”. (Indira, Fenix student)





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