Fundación Social Fénix was founded in 2007 to provide educational assistance, mentoring, tutoring and leadership training to vulnerable young women without resources.

Fénix’s pioneering outreach programme is widely recognised for its effective methods and successful results and has been copied by local health services and international organisations. Its founders have years of experience supporting young people - all victims of abuse and neglect - in the difficult transition from care programme to independent living and tertiary education. Fénix helps the young women on its programme to choose and enter degree courses, finds financial assistance and scholarships, supplies computers and text-books and offers guidance and support when needed.

The programme goal is to educate highly motivated young adults in social and health science professions. They are also trained as peer leaders and work with socially excluded and vulnerable groups who otherwise would have little chance of achieving their full potential. Their own experiences of neglect, abuse and institutional life give them invaluable knowledge and understanding and a greatly enhanced ability to work with other young people at risk or in youth institutions, thus contributing significantly to an improved quality of care and eventually to programme leadership and policy generation.

The Natutama Foundation is a Colombian NGO working with indigenous communities along the River Amazon near Puerto Narino.

2023 Report

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