Fenix students graduation day in Bogota, Colombia

High School Graduation for Fenix Students!

Congratulations from Children of Colombia to Fénix students Angélica Abril and Lorena who have graduated from high school with great results!
Fénix co-founder Beatriz and English teacher Ezana were at the graduation ceremony.
Angélia Abril has also gained an English scholarship at the Centro Colombo-Americano where she is studying while she explores her options for continuing her education, and Lorena has registered with the state higher education institute SENA. Fénix is supporting Angélica with her course books and the bus-fares to get to the daily classes.
English is now mandatory for university degrees and postgrad courses and Fénix girls are taking this very seriously: dentist Zarina is working and studying English in the US and says she plans to take a postgraduate specialisation there before returning to Colombia.
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