Hogares Luz y Vida has been caring for severely disadvantaged children in Bogotá since 1990.

All suffer from major health problems such as congenital birth defects, Downs Syndrome, brain damage, cerebral palsy as well as respiratory diseases, trauma, blindness and malnutrition. There are two cases of Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare inherited disease that causes severe and painful blistering of the skin and mucous membranes. Most of the children remain at the home all their life.

Founder and Director Sister Valeriana has never turned a child away and has opened a second home in Cáqueza, a small town in the mountains to the south east of Bogotá. Over 800 children benefit from her philosophy of loving care in a bright, clean, purpose built home in downtown Bogotá. Sister Valeriana started the home with four children in one room and her faith and love for the children has enabled her to offer refuge to so many more and build excellent facilities to care for them.

Luz y Vida has a medical and dental surgery, a gym, bright and cheerful dormitories and a large kitchen and laundry to cope with all the children’s needs. A large number of personnel is required to care for these very dependent children and many volunteers give their time to help out the professional medical staff. Luz y Vida also established a school in the local barrio where the physically challenged and more able children from very poor homes integrate and learn together.

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