Children playing at Luz y Vida home in Bogota during lockdown

Life in Lockdown at Luz y Vida

Covid-19 has brought special challenges for staff and children at the Luz y Vida homes in Bogotá, Colombia.

All the children – from babies to adolescents – resident at the bright, cheerful home in downtown Bogotá suffer from serious chronic mental or physical conditions.  Founder and director Valeriana Martin says Luz y Vida has had to double its efforts to provide continuous, top quality care for these especially vulnerable children without neglecting the health of their employees.

In her latest letter to Children of Colombia, Valeriana writes:

“We have had to isolate our very special children from contact with the outside world.  We have had to reduce non-essential therapeutic, educational and recreational activities without neglecting their well-being, care and quality of life.”

Biosecurity and hygiene protocols have been increased and contact with the children is restricted to the key staff who help them with essential daily activities such as washing, eating and healthcare.

Personal care and individual attention for each disabled child at Luz y Vida children's home in Bogota

Curiously, this (regime) has improved health care processes resulting in lower rates of complications and hospital admissions among Luz y Vida residents has dropped by 60% – despite a 10% increase in the number of children admitted to the home since the lockdown began.

In June 2020 the number of seriously disabled children in Luz y Vida’s care rose to and incredible 230.  Every one requires special medical and personal care from the dedicated staff.   But Valeriana believes caring goes beyond the practical and physical.  She believes in giving each child particular love and attention and treating each as an individual and a valued member of the community.

“Always remember the road to your Luz y Vida home where a group of children invite you with open arms and a tender smile” ends Valeriana.







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