newly repaired roof on Natutama'senvironmental education centre in the Colombian Amazon

Natutama’s New Roof

This is the amazing and beautiful new roof on Natutama‘s roundhouse – or Kiosk – in the Colombian Amazon.  Funding for the repairs to Natutama’s environmental education and visitor centre were made possible thanks to generous donations to Children of Colombia’s Christmas Appeal – so a huge THANK YOU to all of you who kindly supported our campaign.

The roof is made of natural palm thatch and built by local craftsmen using traditional construction methods.  Now the team will start work on the floor of the building which was damaged by rain and weather when it was left unprotected from the elements.  The floor will be repainted with bright patterns of local flora and fauna, including many rare and endangered species native to the Amazon.  The centre is used to host community events and for weekly educational activities for local children keen to learn more about their environment and culture and how to protect themfor future generations.

damaged floor to be repaired at Natutama's environmental education centre in the Colombian Amazon

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