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Adrian Marston

All the Trustees of Children of Colombia were touched and very grateful to learn that the charity had received a legacy from the distinguished surgeon Jeffery Adrian Priestley Marston.

Adrian Marston travelled all over the world lecturing and visiting medical schools and received international recognition for his work. He was President of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, Vice President of the Royal Society of Medicine, an Honorary Member of the Association Francaise de Chirurgie and of the Societé Belge de Gastroentérologie and the Asociación Española de Cirujaed. A great linguist, fluent in several languages including Spanish, Adrian was also the author of over 100 publications mostly on vascular surgery and a more personal book "As it Were: Reflections of a Twentieth Century Surgeon".

Adrian headed a UK delegation to Colombia in 2002-4 where he visited 26 medical schools and may have met or heard of the good work of Hogares Luz y Vida and Fundacion Fenix (Renacer then) both dedicated to the care, education and health of very vulnerable, sick or abandoned children and young people.

Adrian Marston died on 7 April 2016 and we extend our sympathy and gratitude to his family and thank them and all our other donors - especially those who give anonymously - for their generosity. Our work is only possible with your help.


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