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Congratulations Daniela and Fenix students!

Daniela, just 18, has graduated high-school with two commendations for projects written entirely in English. An orphaned refugee from guerrilla/narco/paramilitary violence in Caqueta, South East Colombia, Daniela has proved herself a natural linguist after winning a scholarship to study English at the Colombo-American Centre, Bogota, alongside her high school studies with mentoring, encouragement and financial support from the Fenix Foundation.

She has already started work in two bilingual jobs to earn enough to take her own room and become independent from her foster-mother and to save towards some of the costs of university. She is applying for a scholarship and hopes to start a teaching degree mid-2019, when Fénix should be able to help with living costs.

Daniela is just one of the youngsters on the Fenix programme with a talent for languages. 16 year old Indira, about to enter tenth grade, regularly comes to the Saturday English, maths and writing classes and Fénix covered fees for a further English course over the holidays. Angie Abril, 15, who has finished tenth grade in the top four in her class is another regular English student on Saturdays and hopes to start a teaching degree in a year's time.

Congratulations to them all and we wish them continued success in 2019!

Please help them with a donation to Children of Colombia ear-marked for Fenix so they can continue their education and help others in their turn.


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