Children of Colombia Secretary Gwyneth Simmons with Natutama educator in Puerto Narino Colombian Amazon

Puerto Narino “Putting World Cities to Shame”

The remote town of Puerto Nariño in the Colombian Amazon where the Natütama Foundation has its base is heralded as a shining example of environmental sustainability in a recent BBC article.

“Puerto Nariño is a tranquil experiment in sustainable living where motor vehicles are banned and the streets are as clean as Copenhagen’s” runs the heading.

The article also features the Natütama Foundation which is based in Puerto Nariño and runs education programmes for local people and visitors about the importance of protecting Amazonian wildlife and habitats.   The author quotes from an interview with Marelvi Laureano, education co-ordinator at Natütama and even enjoys a swim in Lake Tarapoto where the Foundation carries out wildlife monitoring.

One of the mNatutama's observation centre to monitor rare Amazon species such as manatees and pink dolphinsost bio-diverse places on earth, the Amazon is home to many rare and beautiful creatures including river dolphins and manatees.  The future of people and wildlife is dependent on the ecosystem continuing to thrive and the careful management of natural resources.

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