Teaching children and communities in the Amazon about the natural environment

Save the Amazon Education Centre – Christmas Appeal 2021

Please support Children of Colombia’s Christmas Appeal 2021 for essential repairs to Natütama’s Education Centre in the Colombian Amazon.


Natütama is a Colombian charity dedicated to the sustainable management of resources and biodiversity in the Amazon.  The charity’s environmental education, research and conservation programmes are run from its Education and Visitor Centre in Puerto Nariño on the banks of the River Amazon.

Because of the pandemic, the Centre has received almost no visitor income since March 2020. There has been nothing available for maintenance. The roundhouse, constantly in use for activities, is leaking in many places and needs substantial re-roofing with palm leaves. The floor is also peeling in places and needs painting.

Natütama urgently needs supplies of woven palm leaves, nails, heavy twine, paint and brushes. An itemised estimate for materials to repair the Roundhouse comes to £400 before labour costs. A similar spend is needed to repair the roof of the next door Interpretation Centre to save it from further deterioration before the next rainy season.

Several of our committee members have been to the Centre in earlier, easier times and can vouch for its immense value as a focus for information and learning. Please help Natütama continue this vital work sharing its scientific and cultural knowledge with future generations to safeguard the unique biodiversity of the Colombian Amazon.  You can read more on the Fundación Natütama website and our own Natütama page.

Visit our Just Giving page to find out more and donate. Just Giving does not deduct any fees from your donation and if you are a UK tax payer and can add Gift Aid your donation will be boosted by 25%.


This is a tiny scale project but an exemplary and vital one.  Grassroots education and environmental awareness is where it all starts.







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