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Children of Colombia is a small, UK registered charity run by volunteers since 2002.

We give our time free so donations go directly to provide desperately needed care and education for  children and young people in the capital city Bogotá and the Colombian Amazon - not on salaries, premises or advertising.

We keep in touch with our colleagues in Colombia to monitor where funds are needed and how they are spent.  We transfer funds promptly - your donations are not left sitting in our bank account - and we are happy to let you know how they have been used.  You can ear-mark your donation for a specific organisation or project.  

Together we can make a difference

Our Charities

Hogares Luz y Vida

Based in Bogotá, Hogares Luz y Vida (Light and Life) runs two residential care homes for children and adolescents with serious physical and mental health problems. In these bright, happy homes every child is a valued individual, encouraged to achieve their full potential in a warm and loving community with the support of professional health care specialists.


Fundación Natütama

Natütama (Everything under the Water) has developed an important environmental education programme in the unique but fragile Colombian Amazon rainforest. The Natütama team works in schools and with local communities to explain how best to protect wildlife and habitats while continuing to live and work in the same environment. Natütama also manages a conservation programme with local fishermen, monitoring rare and endangered species such as the pink and grey river dolphins, manatees, sloths and turtles.

Fenix student Daniela's graduation day in Bogota, Colombia, S America

Fundación Social Fénix

Fénix supports vulnerable girls and young women who have been victims of violence and abuse on the streets of Bogotá through a programme of psychotherapy and education. Established in 2007, Fénix has already helped several students to progress from basic and secondary studies to degree and post-graduate levels, particularly in the health and social services sectors. Group support, psychological care and peer mentoring all help these highly motivated but vulnerable young women to fulfil their individual potential and find self-respect and new career opportunities.


It's easy to make a donation to Children of Colombia - you can choose from four payment options: Just Giving, Virgin Money, CAF or pay direct by bank transfer - e-mail for details.

A little bit about our Patron

The renowned novelist Louis de Bernières has been the patron of Children of Colombia since its inception. His love of Colombia stems from his time teaching there.  He tutored Rachel Leighton (Children of Colombia founder) and her siblings on their farm in the Magdalena Valley.    It was his experiences in Colombia which profoundly influenced his first three novels: The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts, Señor Vivo and the Coca Lord and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman.

His latest novel is The Autumn of the Ace.

'Louis de Bernières is in the direct line that runs through Dickens and Evelyn Waugh' Evening Standard


Louis de Bernieres
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