Fenix – Annual Report 2023

Read the full report of Fénix students’ amazing achievements against all odds in the charity’s 2023 report.

Just click on the box in the right hand corner of the Fundacion Fénix page for director Timothy Ross’s summary of their stories, their educational and personal successes and the difficulties they face in Colombia today.

Many of the original students on the Fénix programme have now graduated and are mentoring others and making a very positive contribution to society as health and social care professionals.

“One of the central aims of Fénix is to support girls without functional families, brought up in institutions, on the street or in any other situation of vulnerability and exclusion, so that they may turn these experiences into strengths and gain the education to become excellent professionals who can, in turn, give the support needed by other girls to escape similar situations. Fénix encourages members to go on beyond what they need just for a job and economic independence but to become well qualified specialists.” explains Director Timothy Ross in his report.

“The UK charity Children of Colombia (CoC) is an important factor in making possible these transformations, collecting and transferring donations to Bogotá, recovering taxes paid by UK residents, and organizing fund-raising events.”

So a big thank you to all our kind supporters who have been so generous in their support and made such a difference to these young women from very disadvantaged and abusive backgrounds.  Just click on the button at the top of the page or the link here to donate today

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