Fenix student Indira graduating from Nursing School in Bogota, Colombia

Fenix Student Indira Set for Nursing Degree

Fenix student Indira is determined to overcome all obstacles to pursue her goal of a nursing career in the Colombian capital, Bogotâ.

Indira joined her sister Angélica in 2021 as a member of Fundación Social Fénix, the charity which supports young women from poor, abusive and very disadvantaged backgrounds through further education.  Indira impressed the Fénix board – which includes former students – with her determination to study for a qualification in the care of older adults.  “She is a delightful, intelligent and thoughtful 19 year old, and we are very confident that she will make an excellent and conscientious care professional,” wrote director Timothy Ross.

Earlier this year, Timothy wrote to us at Children of Colombia with the great news that Indira had graduated from Escuela de Salud San Pedro Claver – a technical college in Bogotá – with a nursing diploma.  Fénix had given financial support, advice and encouragement to complete the course but the academic achievement was down to Indira’s hard work, dedication and ability.

Spurred on by her success, Indira has since applied to and been accepted for a four-year nursing degree at El Rosario, one of Colombia´s top five ranked and most prestigious universities.  She also applied for and was awarded a student loan/credit from the Bogotá education department for the fees – non-refundable, provided she maintains a high grade average and on graduation puts in six months of voluntary work.

“This was all on her own initiative and without help from Fénix,” writes Timothy.  “Until now we knew nothing more than ‘I am applying for a scholarship’and never imagined she was trying for El Rosario.  We are amazed.”

Unlike most of her fellow students who went to top private schools, speak other languages and come from privileged backgrounds, Indira has only Fenix and her older sister Angelica for support and gets to classes by long bus rides from a poor barrio.

Everyone at Fénix and Children of Colombia is very proud of Indira and Timothy has every confidence that she will do well and achieve her goals:

“She sets her sights high and is a determined and disciplined young lady, with a generous, caring spirit.”

Despite the grant, Indira will need to cover her fares, living costs, text books, uniforms and other expenses over the next four years.  Raising the funding to support her is Fénix’s main priority.  If you would like to help, please click here and make your donation through our Just Giving page with a note to say it should be ear-marked for Indira at Fénix.  We will make sure all funds are sent out promptly to give Indira a good start and the reassurance of financial security so she can concentrate on working hard and getting those grade averages.

Congratulation Indira – and good luck with your studies!

Fenix student Indira graduating from Nursing School in Bogota, Colombia
Nursing graduate Indira (right) with sister Angelica, nephew Julian and Fenix director Beatriz Vejarano.
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